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Timo’s adventures take you on unforgettable journeys through time, space, and into bygone eras that sparkle with memorable characters, exciting twists, and page-turning stories you’ll never forget.

The Rule of Ranging Trilogy

Books You Can’t Put Down

The renowned Timo Kestrel trilogy sweeps you from a small Finnish village, to the wild landscape of 18th Century North America. Through this expertly told tale, our hero Finn struggles to change the things he can, to accept the things beyond his control, and of course – to find the wisdom to know the difference.

Book 1:

Eclipse of the Midnight Sun

This heart-pounding read follows a fearless young man from his war-ravaged Finnish village, on a dangerous transatlantic journey, to New York’s Hudson Valley and heart of the French and Indian war. Vividly captured and rigorously researched, this inspired work of fiction is packed with courageous women, unexpected friendships, and the lengths we’ll go for both freedom and love.

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Book 2:

Into the Valley of Quietus

Diving deeper into this epic adventure, readers find Finn and his motley band of underdog friends struggling to carve their place in the violent, brutal wilderness between Pennsylvania and Nova Scotia in the 1750s. This honest coming of age novel is steeped in romance and hardship, loyalty, loneliness, and the unrelenting choices each of us face as we step from childhood to adulthood.

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Book 3:

Cloud Rising in the West

Equal parts gritty Western, historical fiction, and heartrending love story, this third action adventure finds Finn fighting tirelessly against the French under direction of the legendary Major Robert Rogers. Alongside his eclectic and inseparable friends, Finn fights for survival on a harsh battleground and in an untamed wilderness, striving to be the man he knows he truly is.

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  • Utterly gripping. I was hooked from the very first sentence

  • Edgy, sexy, tantalizing… explodes with romance and action

  • A Powerful journey… A lovable hero… A story you’ll never forget

  • Captures the gritty magic of an era in three unforgettable epics

  • A story that spans continents, centuries, and cultures… suddenly, the past is as tangible as the present

  • Haunting. Gripping… sparkles with intrigue and excitement.

  • This tasty hunk of history has been sautéed with a spicy dose of awesome… not to be missed

  • Leads you down the rabbit hole, into a whole new world

  • A page-turner… colorful, brave, extraordinary

  • Finally, a trilogy that’s as poignant as it is exciting… unforgettable.

  • Loyal friendships, betrayed trust, undying love – this is the stuff of classics

  • Expertly pairs truth with fiction, good with evil, loyalty with reckless abandon – a vividly captured adventure

  • In the vane of The Last of the Mohicans - but better

  • Expertly conceived – like a rip-roaring Spielberg screenplay–colorful, dangerous, and exciting

  • Endlessly addictive – the kind of novels you just can’t put down

  • Bursting with nail-biting adventure, heroic battles, and derring-do

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The Rule of Ranging


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