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Delve into the facts behind the fiction as Timo explores the historical setting vividly depicted in each of his novels. Here, you’ll find the truth is just as wonder-filled as the tales.

Here, you’ve found the magical place where your voice is heard, and you finally get answers to your burning questions.

From tiny curiosities to big ideas, I can’t wait to discover your side of the story, and provide the information you’ve been waiting for.

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June, 2015

Stand and deliver!

Epitomizing the devilish character straight from fiction, William Plunkett’s life and deeds incite curiosity across the North America even today. With a love for adventure and dream to make money, the chemist turned into...

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May, 2015

General Braddock’s Expedition to Disaster

Poor military tactics and inflexible leadership of General Braddock squandered the advantage of superior numbers at the Battle of Monongahela, and the French badly rout...

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Recent Posts

February, 2016

Baggataway: The Iroquois Lacrosse Game

Today’s favorite game lacrosse owes its origin to the Iroquois tribes. Baggataway or the “Creator's Game,” as it was called by the native tribes, was practiced by them as early as the 1400s. A synthesis of military preparation and religious ritu...

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June, 2015

The Iroquois “Captainesses”

Torchbearers of Native American culture, Iroquois women chiefs were vivaciously described by European historians as true “captainesses” and “women of quality.” Popularly known as Sachems, these women Iroquois Chiefs steered the clan and contributed to its development process with astute prag...

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June, 2015

First Native American Christian congregation: the Mahicans

In 1740, Christian Henry Rauch established the Moravian mission at Shekomeko and began initiating Mahicans into the Christian faith. The Mahicans were in search for spiritual s...

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