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From tiny curiosities to big ideas, I can’t wait to discover your side of the story, and provide the information you’ve been waiting for.

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Featured Post

June, 2015

Stand and deliver!

Epitomizing the devilish character straight from fiction, William Plunkett’s life and deeds incite curiosity across the North America even today. With a love for adventure and dream to make money, the chemist turned into...

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May, 2015

General Braddock’s Expedition to Disaster

Poor military tactics and inflexible leadership of General Braddock squandered the advantage of superior numbers at the Battle of Monongahela, and the French badly rout...

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Recent Posts

February, 2016

Baggataway: The Iroquois Lacrosse Game

Today’s favorite game lacrosse owes its origin to the Iroquois tribes. Baggataway or the “Creator's Game,” as it was called by the native tribes, was practiced by them as early as the 1400s. A synthesis of military preparation and religious ritu...

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January, 2016

Taverns and Brothels in Early America

Taverns, brothels, and sex shops were an essential part of the cultural fabric of early America. Their emergence attributed to apparent freedom of choice in matters of sociability contributed to a distinct way of life identified with people in the thirteen colonies. A rich historiography gradually e...

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November, 2015

Robert Rogers: A Colonial Hero’ Lost Glory

Robert Rogers gave Americans their first hero and a symbol of British American tenacity to dominate the new world. His derring-do, military skills, and expertise in irregular warfare played a big role in capitulation of the Fren...

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October, 2015

The Thirteen Colonies: Cooperation and Conflict

The vast diversity and individualistic nature of the original thirteen colonies made each of them a separate entity on their own. Despite commonality in political systems, shared origin, and institutions, each colony differed from the other in its economic needs, geography, and territorial aspiratio...

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October, 2015

The Battleground: Lake George and Lake Champlain

In the 18th century, the wilderness around Lake George and Lake Champlain turned into a battleground between Europe’s two most powerful nations for the dominance of North America. The legendary Read More >


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